SPOILER ALERT - We hope you picked up your copy of The Body Man because this week we welcome back Eric Bishop to discuss his first published novel in ...View Details

Chris and Mike stayed on after hours to chat a bit more about Order to Kill. Check out this preview of our #RapOnRapp series for Patrons.   Please sub...View Details

Chris and Mike break down the second half of Order to Kill. Unfortunately, this book started so strong that the second half seems like a bit of a let ...View Details

Welcome Grisha! Kyle Mills nails it with the addition of this badass killer who can rival Rapp in his second book of the series.    Please subscribe, ...View Details

It's publication week and we are pumped to bring you a SPOILER-FREE discussion of The Body Man with debut author Eric Bishop! A great book and an even...View Details

Boo! Isn't it fitting for this episode to drop the day after Halloween? In this episode we take a step back from Kyle's work and revisit one of our fa...View Details

SPOILERS: In this episode we review the second half of Enemy at the Gates - a book that gets better and better with every re-read. About halfway throu...View Details

SPOILERS: In this episode we review the first half of Enemy at the Gates! It's been a blast talking with Kyle and his good friend and advisor Rod over...View Details

SPOILER WARNING: In this episode we are joined by Rod "The Gun Guru" Gregg and discuss his friendship and relationship with Kyle Mills as he advises o...View Details

SPOILER WARNING! Kyle Mills joins Chris & Mike once again and this time we dig into his latest book, Enemy at the Gates. Consider yourself warned....View Details

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