Get your popcorn and grab a drink. It's time to discuss American Assassin - the movie! To get a fresh unbiased outsider perspective, we invited our fr...View Details

The mean old cuss and the college puke go at it! You know what that means...American Assassin is here! Vince has waited 15 years to tell this story - ...View Details

While last week we chatted with a real-life Marcus Dumond, today we chat with Rob Richer - the man Vince Flynn himself called "the soul of Mitch Rapp"...View Details

I still cannot believe we found him...the real Marcus Dumond! Seriously. Hacking financial institutions, stealing their money, and eavesdropping on sh...View Details

Today we change things up and invite book and movie reviewer extraordinaire SteVen Hendricks to the podcast to chat about Without Remorse - the newest...View Details

Chris & Mike continue the discussion of "all talk no action" as a theme for Pursuit of Honor. Fortunately, there are two cool action scenes that t...View Details

Woohoo, the day we recorded this episode was the exact 1 year anniversary since the first episode drop of MitchRappPod! A huge shout-out and thank you...View Details

And now for something a bit different...thriller short stories! We had a blast chatting with author and editor Craig Martelle and his journey into sel...View Details

No Limits is coming to you LIVE! We recorded this episode - our Part II discussion of Extreme Measures - as a live stream for our Patrons! We hope to ...View Details

Give it up for new kid on the block...MIKE NASH! In this episode, Chris and Mike break down Nash's introduction to the Rappverse and his killer (pun i...View Details

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